Open government and public participation in a wide range of organizations, including municipal and regional governments, non-profit organization, companies…



Open government, public participation and new technologies. Using the latest technology tools, we offer our clients a comprehensive service in open government and public participation, including consultancy, assistance and training. We offer tailor-made products and services to meet our clients’ needs.

Our balanced, coordinated range of services will allow you to:

  • Develop democratic innovation experiences at your local government entity.

  • Incorporate the recommendations on the adoption of open government principles issued by national and international organizations.

  • Comply with the legal requirements on public participation that must be met at all levels of public administration.

Local Authorities

We can help you comply with legal requirements on Open Government (Transparency, Public Participation, Accountability, Public-Private Cooperation and Open Data):

1. Open Government, Transparency, Open Data and Public Participation.

2. Proactive release of information.

3. Drafting of Codes of Conduct, Good Governance and Commitment to Institutional Quality.

4. Planning and decision-making. 

5. Drafting of public participation annual programmes.

6. Assistance to incorporate public participation in municipal law drafting.

7. Assistance to make information publicly available.

8. Drawing up and execution of participatory deliberative processes.

9. Participatory budgeting. 

10. Drafting of services charters or their equivalent. 

11. Accountability processes. 

12. Drawing up, monitoring and assessment of Government Plans, Policies and Strategies. 

13. New Technologies. 

14. Public Management Manuals and Protocols.

15. Training and awareness campaigns. 

Provincial and Regional Governments

1. Planning and execution of programmes to boost e-administration, transparency, open government, active listening and public participation.

2. Complete technical assistance in public participation, transparency and good governance structures and processes management.

3. Incorporation of permanent innovation in public administration.

4. Implementation of public policy monitoring, assessment and accountability mechanisms.

5. Organization of Open Government, Transparency, Open Data and Public Participation training courses and events.

Other Organizations

(Companies, Foundations, Associations, Trade Unions, Universities, etc.)

1. Development of open company management model.

Our job?

To help organizations boost transparency, Good Governance codes, active staff, client and user participation, public-private collaboration and co-creation, Open Data, accountability and strategic communication.

2. Creation of work protocols and user´s manuals.

Our job?

To implement open company management models that contribute to improving product and service efficiency, effectiveness, safety, reliability and quality.

3. Training and awareness courses in open management models.

Including specific guidelines, our protocols offer solutions to incorporate Public Participation at different management levels.

Our methodological proposals are flexible and can be adapted to suit our clients’ requirements.

1. Protocol to Incorporate Open Government Principles in Local Government Administration.

2. Manual for Incorporating Codes of Conduct, Good Governance and Commitment to Institutional Quality in Local Government Administration.

3. Manual for Integrating Municipal Government Transparency in Local Government Administration.

4. Protocol to Formulate Government Policies and Strategies.

5. Manual for Incorporating Public Participation in Municipal Budget Drafting.

6. Manual for Integrating Accountability Mechanisms in Municipal Administration.

7. Manual for Using Social Networks in Day-to-Day Local Government Administration.

8. Manual for Boosting Innovation in the Organization and Modernization of Organizational Structures.

9. Protocol to Incorporate Public Participation in Day-to-Day Municipal Administration: Neighbourhoods as spaces of coexistence.

10. Protocol to Incorporate Public Participation in Urban Planning.

11. Protocol to Incorporate Public Participation in Local Agenda 21 Action Plan Revisions.

12. Protocol to Incorporate Public Participation in Strategic Project Planning.