Ibatuz: Building Public Participation and Open Government

Experience with Transparency, Open Government and Tecnologies

About us

Favicon Ibatuz Accessibility, professionalism, thoroughness and responsibility are our hallmarks.

Favicon Ibatuz We provide effective solutions to optimize management efficiency and improve governance.

Favicon Ibatuz Our working tool is knowledge: we are ready to make it available to any individual, organization or institution. Anywhere, anytime.

Favicon Ibatuz Sociable, effective, flexible and goal-oriented, we are fully digitalized and in continual professional evolution.

Favicon Ibatuz We strive to create connected spaces that encourage creativity and productivity. Our aim is to make your professional life easier and happier.

Favicon Ibatuz Our working environment, organizational culture and corporate image are in constant evolution.



Antxon Gallego

Arrate Garcia

Aimar Rubio

Our Hallmarks

Favicon Ibatuz We come from different age groups and professional backgrounds.

Favicon Ibatuz We are creative, innovative and team-oriented.

Favicon Ibatuz In continuous professional development, we are ready to face new challenges in constantly evolving settings.

Favicon Ibatuz Continual learning is at the core of our work ethos.

Favicon Ibatuz Highly versatile, we can adapt to the most varied conditions.

Favicon Ibatuz We take risks and are not afraid of failure.

And we are passionate about our job!

What we offer

Solid academic background and research skills

Vast professional experience

A well-coordinated team of methodological and technological experts

A systematized work methodology based on manuals, guidelines, protocols and tools

Intensive research and continual improvement

A wide range of products to meet your needs

A balanced, coordinated combination of services to suit your requirements